Frequently Asked Questions

What are Profiles?

Many of the private consultations we offer are called profiles because they provide you a  "spiritual" snapshot of where you are at that time administered in your spiritual evolution.  They are illuminating and healing.  Receiving a profile immediately leads  to greater fulfilment and a positive outlook.  They are a unique and powerful way to get the answers and positive boost you need to empower you to live your life purpose, feel better, find solutions, and reach your goals. 

Profiles provide you with personalized information that Spirit (your personal Guides/Helpers/Angels) has for you at that time.  You will get solutions for your life directly from a higher source and perspective.  Each session is unique and accurate.   

Profiles are organised to be administered in a step-by-step manner and sometimes require pre-requisites (one before the other).  Each focuses on a different area of spiritual understanding and growth, or has a specific emphasis.  For example, there are early profiles for communication and clarification of working with your team of Spiritual Helpers (Guides/Angels) better and as you progress others that work specifically with healing the glandular centres or chakras.  Most may be taken again and updated to see your progress or illuminate a new area to build upon.  

Are Profiles psychic readings?

 Profiles are more focused spiritual consultations on specific areas of spiritual growth as opposed to a general psychic reading.  We work with each client's team of Spiritual Helpers (Guides/Angels) to receive crystal clear information, solutions, and direction specific to your life.   We utilise our psychic sensitivity as we check with our Spiritual Helpers (Guides/Angels) who get the personal information from your Spiritual Helpers (Guides/Angels).  This is only possible with your permission.  We also coach you to get your own answers from your Spiritual Helpers (Guides/Angels) during the session to add to the profile. 

Working with Spirit allows us to get to the heart of the matter quickly.  They offer are a sustained solution.  Further profiles are designed to take you to the next level of awareness in your life journey.  Most of the profiles we offer were developed and refined by the Wayshowers College.   Some profiles/consultations we have developed on our own.

Are Profiles just channelling?

Profiles are more than channelling, as the format of each profile is organized to provide keys and clarification of spiritual truths and concepts for quicker growth.   Working with your personal team of Spiritual Helpers (Guides/Angels) we get to the heart of the matter.  With this new awareness and understanding you can to transform your life learning experiences into wisdom.   Most of the profiles we offer were developed and refined by the Wayshowers College.   Some profiles/consultations we have developed on our own.

Why do you refer to Spiritual Helpers by different names?

Many people, cultures, or religions refer to the master souls who are wholly spiritual beings in different ways.  When we say "Spiritual Helpers" or "Spiritual Guides" or "Angels," "Inner Guidance," "Holy Spirit," "Ascended Masters", etc.  in our work or writings, we are referring to the same thing.  You will see we interchangeably typically refer to them as Helpers, Guides or Angels.  

We are referring to the 100% positive souls with a  higher source of wisdom and inspiration for positive living.  Each person has contracted with a personal team to help them grow spiritually in unique areas.  They are souls who have mastered the life lessons we face.  They are here to help us  achieve spiritual growth through self awareness for a better way of life. 

When you are relaxed and positive, you may experience them around you as "chills" or goosebumps because their higher vibration gives your nervous system a charge of energy.

You can develop a crystal clear two-way communication with your Helpers.  See the 1001 Spiritual Gifts and Guidance (Orientation) Profile.  Both Tom and Teresa are available for that one.

How did Tom and Teresa get their training/qualifications?

Both Tom and Teresa have been ethically screened, specially trained, and certified by the Wayshowers College to work with Spirit as consultants to administer profiles and instruct workshops and courses, etc.   They are required to keep their certification current through refresher courses and continuing education with the Wayshowers College.  You too can learn to do what they do.  If you are interested in becoming a consultant, they would love to help you get started!

What is The Wayshowers College?

Since before 1967, the community programs, services and products, from Wayshowers College have been helping people, just like you, find answers to life’s mysteries that always seemed elusive.

These programs have helped people around the world live affluent lives and improve the quality of their relationships.  These programs can help you learn how to trust your hunches and communicate with your Inner Guidance.

A College of practical experience, the courses of study are tailored to your lifestyle and mode of learning, focusing on helping you organize your experiences into practical wisdom.  Then you can utilize this wisdom to discover the truth that works for you.

“You came to Planet Earth to find yourself.  Happiness, success and abundance are already yours.  All you need to do is become master of yourself.”

Dr. Francisco Coll, Founder