You are unlimited energy with psychic abilities & spiritual helpers...

Find how to tap into this reality

Make it practical

Live in the flow of your true purpose

What We Offer


TNT Spiritworks offers affordable programs, free of dogma, which go step by step for you to explore and fully experience the reality of:

  • an individual's unlimited soul nature,  
  • practical aspects and development of intuition, psychic sensitivity or ESP, 
  • ability to create and magnetise one's destiny, 
  • living in the flow of one's true life purpose and thrust, 
  • reality of direct communication with spiritual (inner) guidance or helpers (angels), 
  • channeling and trance mediumship
  • understanding life after death, 
  • recognize states of consciousness to make sense of life and people in your environment,
  • reincarnation, past lives, and spiritual growth,
  • soul travel (astral and astro) and dreams,
  • cycles of life experience, 
  • meditation in action,
  • spiritual healing for self and others,
  • the creation of a more positive environment in which to live life to the fullest.

Who We Are

Tom Shantz & Teresa Navarro

TNT Spiritworks  is a collaborative effort by Tom Shantz and Teresa Navarro to relay the  message of spiritual freedom.  Tom and Teresa are certified Spiritual Educators and Consultants trained by the Wayshowers College.  They offer and facilitate presentations, workshops, courses, subscriptions, and private consultations (profiles).  They help  searchers who are ready to make practical their own unique psychic awareness and utilize inner guidance to tap into unlimited positive, loving, and healing energy for greater fulfilment and spiritual success in life. 

They pass on the truths, tools, and techniques that have truly worked for them.  Their goal is to empower clients to be their own "best guru" or "best psychic" so they no longer need to look outside for answers to maintain positive forward direction.  Through self-discovery clients gain greater fulfilment as well as become a positive healing force in their home and work environments.   

In addition to facilitating programs for the public, they offer training to spiritual entrepreneurs who also wish to become Spiritual Educators and Consultants through Wayshowers College curriculums. 

Upcoming Events and Tour Dates


TNT Spiritworks will be in Des Moines, Iowa in January and February 2019 offering programs and private consultations (profiles).  (Note: previously scheduled live Tallahassee events for January 2019 are postponed .  We are rescheduling at this time.)  These programs are open to people of all ages and backgrounds.  People new to this field along with  those with previous experience share they  gain a lot from these programs every time they are offered.

They will be in Kauai, Hawaii from February 21st through March 8th, 2019 at the Wayshowers College International Regrouping.  Tom will be co-instructing Week II of the IR.  Both Tom and Teresa are available to administer personal consultations and profiles.  (For a list of profiles available, click the PROFILES & SUBSCRIPTIONS page link at the Header or Footer of this site.)

Tom and Teresa look forward to seeing you "down the road."

The button below will take you to our Calendar at the EVENTS page.

Calendar of Events and Progams

Consultations (Profiles) & Subscriptions


Our principals, Tom and Teresa, are both well trained and certified Spiritual Educators and Consultants in many facets of spiritual Profiles (one on one consultations) developed by the Wayshowers College.  They are available to work with clients around the world.  Profiles can be administered in person and/or online.  Email or call to set up an appointment.  

In addition, home study subscriptions and mentoring services are available for clients who wish to regroup or study in their own setting. 

Working  with the direct clarity of Spiritual Guidance, allows Tom and Teresa to "hit the mark," so you can quickly gain the insight and momentum to free yourself to follow through with your heart's desires.  The button below will take you to the pages of Profiles, Subscriptions, and Materials available through TNT Spiritworks.  Descriptions are shown after clicking on the Profile.

Profiles (One on one Consultations) Available

About Us


Tom and Teresa embrace life with Spirit.  After successful lives as individuals living on opposite sides of the world, they came together in 2017. They have both raised families and been successful in business so can relate to the challenges of life. Each has studied and worked with spiritual programs for decades.  Their love for living a spiritually aware life inspired them to share how others can do the same.  Their joy is working with like minded individuals who are sincere about living life to the fullest through self-discovery.  

Able to reach people nationally and internationally, they empower people from all walks of life.  Their enthusiasm and passion for life permeates all that they do and is felt by others.  They are true Wayshowers on how to live a daily life infused with Spirit.



Tom and Teresa relate to each client "wherever they are at" in their spiritual search to assist with their unique journey of spiritual growth. They have a flair to lead people to develop their own unlimited potential for a happy and free life following their heart's desires. Check out the testimonials.

"I have known Teresa for a few years now, and have always been drawn to her sweet, supportive spirit. I attended the orientation to the program with her and Tom teaching.  After that class and my personal reading (profile), I feel like it opened my eyes and heart to my personal spiritual journey.  They explained techniques so practically, and I have been able to easily apply them every day.  During my personal reading, I was taught the way to connect with Guidance.  It has forever changed me.  I really connected with the fact that I am never alone.  I really don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for Teresa and Tom, and the powerful work they are doing!  I can’t wait to learn more!"  -L. A.

"I really enjoyed this workshop. We did a lot of fun and uplifting exercises and learned some useful techniques to manage and work with energy.  It helped me connect more deeply with my own truth and purpose and was just what I needed at this time in my life. Tom and Teresa are a great team and I loved the energy and enthusiasm they both bring in sharing this work."



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