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Free Lesson "You, Your Purpose, & Your Intuition"

If you provide your email address, we'll send you a free lesson to orient you on your inner journey. You will discover the four types of "intuition" available to you. We can also a let you know of future special offers and events near you!


We pass along what's worked for us...

This encompasses new ideas, tools, and techniques through step by step highly acclaimed programs.  These build lasting spiritual pivots to operate from through your life's journey.  The main focus is to:

  • Help you unfold, clarify and trust innate sensitivity, tap your inner wisdom, and receive clear Inner Guidance to live positively in your niche.

  • To empower you to confidently be your own best "psychic," "healer," and "guru" as you realise the true purpose of your experience in every situation.

Live Events, Consultations, and Subscriptions

Live Events & Programs


  We are currently on tour presenting New Spiritual Horizons and Astro Soul programs.  Check out where in the world we are now, where we're going, and live events near you.  Click below and we'll give you an Itinerary Overview and a place to register.  There's also a description of each event listed on the Events page.

Personal Consultations


Check out key consultations recommended for people new to our services.  These are private one on one sessions.  We provide a detailed description on what they offer.  Most can be received more than once for new insight, illumination and healing,    To book you'll need to go to the Shop page.

All Consultations, Subscriptions, and Materials


Check out the full list of personal one-on- one consultations (also known as profiles), subscriptions, and materials we offer in our Shop. 


Signposts as you trek along with us...

We have an affordable, flexible, and step-by-step approach:

  1. Presentations-for a new perspective; illuminating, and inspiring to orient you to the next destination.
  2. Technique Workshops and Classes-to fuel your forward momentum through experience to make it all real.
  3. Personal Consultations (profiles)-to reveal your true nature so you make most of every moment along the way.
  4. Local Groups- share the experience of unfoldment as you connect with "new best mates" on similar paths.
  5. Subscriptions- to keep up the pace; home study, monthly energy regrouping materials, books, and advanced spiritual mentoring/coaching.
  6. Retreat Seminars-Take you to new places in a cleansing environment and on to the next plateau.

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